Like most MOBA-style games, Dota 2 is a sophisticated and complex competition with a plethora of different elements to wager on. In this article, we’re aimed to guide you into the world of Dota 2 betting as well as reveal some strategies for a pleasant experience of betting on Dota 2.

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Top 5 Dota 2 Betting Sites


Betfair main page


  • An experienced and trustworthy company
  • Betfair tends to have better prices on markets than traditional bookmakers
  • Betfair Dota 2 betting site is available in 6 languages


  • High commissions rate for everyone wins £250,000 or more in career winnings
  • 5% charge on all winning bets


Unikrn main page

Bonus offer: 300% up to $450. + $10 Bonus with $20 bet every day


  • A completely esports-oriented platform
  • Site is well-optimized for mobile browser
  • There’s a mobile app
  • The bonuses and promos are lucrative


  • Only a few countries can bet with real money
  • They need to add more payment methods

Dota 2 Lounge

Dota 2 Lounge main page

Pros Of Dota 2 Lounge

  • No unneeded advertisements or strange links from other pages
  • This is a trustworthy Dota 2 betting site completely convenient to navigate
  • They state to best Dota 2 betting site in terms of coefficients on Dota 2 betting

Cons Of Dota 2 Lounge

  • The mobile app is not available

Unlike other Dota 2 betting sites, on Dota 2 Lounge, you only use skins to wager. You don’t need money, cryptocurrency, or any other items. It means you risk nothing but also don’t earn cash if you place a winning bet. For some bettors, it may be a serious advantage, while others will prefer platforms that require real money to take part in betting.


Lootbet main page

Bonus Offer: 100% up to €100


  • Lootbet pampers its users with promotions and generous bonuses.
  • Supports multiple languages and time zones
  • Mobile-friendly and easy-to-use interface
  • Users can apply to customer support 24/7


  • Dota 2 skins are not supported for deposits
  • No FAQ section


Betway main page esport

Bonus offer: 100% Deposit Bonus up to £30 in Free Bets


  • Smooth interface and stylish design
  • Responsible treatment of customers and prevention of minors’ betting
  • Betway is an established name in the gambling industry
  • Most of the sports that are offered on Betway have the option of live betting
  • No fees for withdrawals


  • A mobile app lacks some essential features
  • Limited to £4,000 in withdrawals per week or 5x the amount of deposits made to the account

Live Betting on Dota 2

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Riyadh Masters 2024
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Types Of Dota 2 Bets


Moneyline can be interpreted as an odd of a final outcome of the battle or the team-winner of the game. This is the best type of bet. Generally, three outcomes possible when two teams compete. For example, when the TNC Predator and Nigma teams compete, you can bet on the victory of one of them or the draw in the group stage of the tournament.

Map Betting

Map betting or round betting involves betting on the outcome of each round. If you know that team A wins the 90% of games and team B has always lost before, then you bet on team A to win. Vise versa, if the fighting teams seem equal to you, then you may want to reduce the risk and skip the round.

Negative Map Advantage

The most common map advantage bet given the nature of Dota 2 games are Team A -1.5 and Team A -2.5. The first one means that Team A wins the match by 2 games or more (if it is a best-of-three, you are betting on Team A to win 2-0, if it is a best-of-five, you are betting on Team A to win 3-0 or 4-1, if Team A wins 3-2, you lose the bet.

Positive Map Advantage

Betting on Team A +1.5 means that you are betting on the team to win the match with an advantage of 1.5 games at the start of the game. You win if Team A win 2-0, 2-1 and if it loses 1-2 too. The only case where your bet does not win is if Team A loses 2-0.

Kills Advantage

Team A -3.5 means that Team A starts the match (or the map) with a 3.5 kills disadvantage compared to their opponent. Betting Team A -3.5 means you think that Team A will win versus Team B by four kills or more. If you bet on Team +3.5, you will win your bet if Team A wins or does not lose the game by 4 kills or more.

Total Kills

Total of map or team kills. The number of kills is the total for both teams according to the final table at the end of the game. If your bet is 52,5 total kills, it means that you win if the number of total kills by both teams is 53 or exceeds 53. If the total number of kills is 52, you lose a bet.

First To 10/20 Kills

If you bet on Team A to be first to 10 kills, you win the amount of your wager multiplied by the corresponding odds. If team B is the first to reach 10 kills in the game or map, you lose.

Roshan Kills

Roshan or the Immortal Roshan is the strongest neutral monster in Dota 2. Roshan easily defeats most heroes one-by-one. Players usually wait until the late phase of the game, when the farm heroes collect their best items or try to kill him with the whole team. You bet on a team or team member who will kill Roshan and earn cash if the bid is winning.

Courier Kills

In our opinion, the courier kills is, by far, the simplest Dota 2 bet. Some bookies offer a bet on whether the courier will be killed on the map. If the courier is killed, it’s reborn on the base. It doesn’t matter how many times the courier would be killed; you only bet on the very fact of the event.

First Blood

If you bet on first blood, you bet on a team that kills the first hero compared to the opponent team. If you bet on team B, your bet is multiplied by the odds displayed in the box under the team you’ve chosen.

Team To Destroy Barrack 1 / Tower 1

There are 6 barracks and 11 towers for each team on the map. The main goal of the game is to destroy the opponent’s Ancient (or Throne). To get to the Ancient, a team must destroy the towers (while it is not obligatory to destroy barracks). You bet on a team that will be the first to destroy the opponent’s tower or barrack 1.

Godlike Streak

A bettor tries to predict whether any player of one of the teams would be able to make Godlike (a streak of 7 or more kills) on the first map.

dota 2

Real And Play Money In Dota 2 Betting

On Dota 2 betting sites, you not only choose the type of the bet but the currency you wager on. Yet the majority of bookies offer real-money wagering; you can also bet with play money and in-game items. Let’s take a deeper look into how the entire system works

Real Money And Play Money

Play money is known as the substitution for real money in states where a particular website is illegal. Play money and real money gambling are often offered by the same sites.

Involving real money into Dota 2 betting is risky. No matter how professional you’re at the game, you should not wager real cash if you’re not ready to lose. Any experienced Dota 2 bettor would advise you on bankroll management. Never spend more than 5% of the sum you can afford to lose, and betting on Dota 2 will become fun and exciting to you.

In-Game Items

Luckily or not, the in-game items betting is only available for Dota 2 players. Using the Steam client by Valve, players can connect to to trade or bet the in-game content they own. These items are classified by their rarities. Bettors, who want to make an odd, check how many items of a particular rarity they must wager, and the items they would receive back if they’ve made a winning bet.

Betting Secrets – Learn How to Bet in Dota 2

Make A Research

To bet on Dota 2 successfully, a stroke of pure luck is not enough. To be known as a good Dota 2 player, it requires tactics, experience, and having a personal play style. Thus, you should not only be aware of how the game is played but also gather information about the best players, leading teams, and results of previous Dota2 tournaments.

Find Tournaments To Bet On

Real cash revolves around major tournaments. If you’re truly interested in raising good money from wagering on Dota2, you should not avoid risks and bet on major or minor tournaments. Examples of these tournaments are WePlay! Bukovel Minor DreamLeague Leipzig Major conducted in January 2023 and StarLadder ImbaTV Minor that took place in March 2023. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the rest of the 2023 Dota2 tournaments were canceled. This, however, doesn’t restrict you from taking a shot in 2023.

Register On a Corresponding Website

Dota 2 is a breakthrough in the world of esports. It has millions of gamers worldwide, and so all esports-focused betting websites include Dota 2 in the list of disciplines to bet on. If you consider the prosperity of the gambling business and the number of websites to bet on esports, the choice of a reliable platform is crucial. A responsible bookie is a halfway to successful Dota 2 gambling.

Remain Analytical

Winning bets inspire. They let you move further and don’t stop yourself from further Dota 2 betting. Nevertheless, don’t let it spin your head. Dota 2 is a tactical game and so betting on it also demands analytic abilities.

Don’t Give Up After The First Lost

We know it may sound obvious. You can skip this piece of advice, but you should understand that success doesn’t always come from the first shot. Enriching pockets from the very first bet on Dota 2 esports is rather the exception from the rule. Luck loves the persistent ones.

dota 2 gameplay

Reasons Why Players Enjoy Dota2

Variety Of Heroes

One of the most distinctive features of Dota 2 from Cs: Go, for instance, is the variety of heroes to play. Currently, there are 119 heroes, each with its unique skills and roles classified into 3 categories. You can either learn to hone your skills in playing for one hero or play for several of them.

Constant Increase In Skills

The first time you enter the game and see an opponent hero, you get a 99% chance of being immediately killed. As you play for a while and learn what each Dota 2 hero is capable of and acquire skills to confront them. Next, you learn to keep everything under control. The flow of the battle, the map, and everything else going on during the match. So unconsciously, there is a tonne of general skills you pick up as you keep playing. These all will reflect in the way you play and significantly raise your self-confidence as a player.

Sense Of Rivalry

The rivalry is the base of all MOBA games. Due to the common spread thought, Dota 2 is only enjoyable when your team wins, none of your teammates dies or does anything stupid. Dota 2 may make you vent your spleen, but not only this game is delightful when your team gets the victory. With skillful opponents and exciting matches, even the loss can become satisfying.


Each match your play on Dota 2 is unique. What makes this unique? First, the variety of heroes to play. Second, you get different opponent teams and random teammates. Third, the outcome of the game depends not only on you but on your teammates and the rival team. You never predict the flow of the game and what each player is capable of, which makes Dota 2 truly exciting.

Closing Words

Dota 2 is a favorite game of millions of youngsters around the world. Having become extremely popular 4 years ago, it managed not only to hold its old fans but to multiply their number. Dota 2 is also one of the most favorite esports to bet on. Now when you know almost every detail about Dota 2 betting, you should not be afraid to try it out. Simply use any Dota 2 betting site we offered to you to get a hassle-free gambling experience, and may luck guide you!

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