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Dota 2 – Game Review

To one degree or another, everyone has probably heard about Dota 2. This is an incredibly successful project in the MOBA genre from Valve, which almost immediately acquired tens and hundreds of thousands of fans. Dota 2’s incredible success stems from its ancestor’s equally phenomenal success, Defense of the Ancients, a multiplayer map created by a fan in the Warcraft 3 map editor.

Nobody expected such success from Dota. And certainly, no one thought that the success of the fan modification in the future would many times surpass the popularity of the original strategy. Blizzard, the company behind the original Warcraft 3, realized too late what a chance it was missing. Blizzard’s board of directors turned down an offer to buy the copyright for the project, after which the developer went straight to Gabe Newell.


Blizzard has made many mistakes throughout its long history, but the history of Dota is perhaps the biggest mistake. Valve Corporation bought the rights to the project without bidding, developed a sequel with its own lore, which does not affect the copyright to the original universe of the craft of war. Thanks to high-quality execution, a unique monetization system, and an active PR campaign, tens of thousands of original Dota fans very quickly turned into hundreds of thousands of new Dota 2 fans.

Blizzard regretted the lost profits so much that they even tried to sue Valve for copyright for Dota 2, but they lost the court. Blizzard’s next desperate attempt to jump on the departing train was the legendary Heroes of the Storm, which largely copied Dota 2, but failed in the market with an enchanting crash. And finally, as a formal acknowledgment of defeat, Blizzard renewed its EULA and took over the copyright for all custom maps created by Blizzard’s editors.

Unfortunately, even this did not help – the measures taken were hopelessly late. Now Dota 2 is incredibly successful, continues to develop and actively grow an already massive audience. Dota 2 esports tournaments are perhaps the most popular globally and surpass the vast majority of competitors in prize pools. Many old-school players disapprove of the latest radical gameplay changes and, in frustration, leave for League of Legends from Riot. But more and more new players are starting to play Dota 2 every day.

Dota 2 Skin-Betting And Gambling

The extreme popularity of Dota 2 esports tournaments has attracted many significant bookmakers to the project. All kinds of bookmakers and online casinos are now growing, developing, and gaining an incredibly huge audience. Every year more and more major services include eSports tournaments in their event grids. First of all, of course, Dota 2 and CS: GO tournaments. There are several main areas in online betting, which can be conditionally divided into skin-betting and gambling with real money.


Thanks to Valve’s unique monetization system, every in-game cosmetic item has real value in any of their games. Players can trade in-game skins both on the internal Steam marketplace and on all sorts of external resources. At many betting services, players can use skins from their Steam inventory as a deposit. Some services allow you to use skins as deposits or withdrawals directly. Others offer a corresponding amount of conditional coins for each item.

Due to recent changes in the Dota 2 trading model itself, skin-betting is gradually receding into the background. This change, however, does not apply to other games from Valve – in CS: GO, TF2, and even, suddenly, Artifact, each item still has real external value.

Gambling Modes

Major online casinos offer many different game modes, most of which are similar to classic casinos. For example, using Dota 2 skins or real money as a deposit, you can play poker, blackjack, roulette, duel, crash, coinflip, Hi-Lo, and more. Among other things, esports betting is a trendy gaming area. Sports analysts are already comparing the amounts that gamblers bet on the outcomes of esports events with the amounts that are bet on major sports events.

Dota 2 Jackpot

Among the colossal number of different game modes and online casinos, Dota 2 jackpot sites are of the greatest interest. Why exactly they? The fact is that jackpot is one of the most interesting game modes offered by bookmakers, combining extremely high risk with an extremely high reward.

Dota 2 jackpot is a game mode that is fundamentally different from duels, coinflips, and Hi-Lo. The closest analog of this gambling mode can be called no less hazardous and risky “crash”. What is the essence of the Dota jackpot?

Everything is very simple. What is at stake is an extremely tempting win, which is formed by all participants. Each player contributes a certain amount of money or skins to the total Dota 2 jackpot.

Moreover, the greater the total value of all the items that one participant puts on victory, the higher the chance of victory is calculated for him by the system. The Dota jackpot mode is absolutely merciless to everyone except the winner himself. The winner takes it all. The bet’s size determines the chance of winning for each individual participant, but anyone can win.

DOTA_2 gameplay

Up to ten players take part in Dota 2 jackpot at the same time. This is one of the harshest modes – almost everyone loses in it, but the winner with just one successful bet can literally be exalted to the skies.

Today, many Dota 2 jackpot sites on the market differ from each other in design, optimization, and bookmaker’s bet. When choosing one of the Dota 2 jackpot websites, you need to carefully approach the choice, taking into account all kinds of factors. Still, it’s better to prepare once, read user reviews, and a few reviews than accidentally get on one of the many low jackpot sites.

Best Sites For Dota 2 Gambling

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Dota 2 Hunt
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